Rhian Hopkins

Organising Your Digital Life

Do you work with your phone and your laptop simultaneously? Here’s how to make sure our devices don’t become so cluttered that you can’t stay organised and on top of things.

Go through your devices and get rid of every app and file that you haven’t used recently, drag them to the trash.

Forever forgetting which passwords you’ve used for which sites? Start using a password manager – it takes all the pain away of remembering and re-setting them once and for all.

Don’t live out of your email inbox, set times of day dedicated to check, otherwise you get sucked in and hop from task to task without keeping the focus on the task in-hand.

Take regular breaks, the most effective way to keep those creative juices flowing.  Eat lunch and re-fuel your mind.

Trash all old documents that do not add any value.

Clean off that desktop, again drag them to the trash.

Unsubscribe, this takes away so much clutter in your life.

Turn OFF notifications, ditch those spam texts, emails and sales calls.

Finally, take the time to disconnect from the digital world, re-connect with family, friends and nature.

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