Rhian Hopkins

Power of the hashtag

Hashtag this, hashtag that! What it all about? Hashtags make your brand discoverable! 

The hashtag is such a great tool for communicating, increasing engagement and attracting new networks and contacts.

Did you know?  A hashtag can be used to hold discussions, communicate ideas, track world events, and keep up our interest in topics and news.  Using a hashtag makes your content easy to discover when used correctly.


  • When done in the right way, they can make a difference in your marketing strategy.
  • Too many hashtags, too much clutter.
  • Research your hashtag, see which ones get the most engagement for your business/product.
  • Watch other brands and how they use them well.
  • Keep them short, simple, relevant don’t get carried away.
  • Make sure they are related to your content.
  • You can use capital letters at the front of the hashtag, this highlights your communication and what you are trying to say.

How to use Hashtags on different social media platforms:

Use one or two, more than this will seem sales and annoy your readers.
Use public posts rather than just to your friends and family.

Use up to ten, popular and relevant hashtags on this platform get the best reach.  You can use a maximum of 30 hashtags on an Instagram post (only 10 in stories), experiment with what works well for you.  Use them on posts, photos, stories, and comments

One or Two hashtags increase your engagement, even more, when you ask for retweets.  Tweeters can search for your hashtag, find conversations, get involved.

One to three hashtags get you in front of people outside your network.  Great for marketing and brand awareness.

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