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Are you thinking about hiring a virtual assistant and wondering just how many tasks they can handle? Today, we will be sharing 20 everyday tasks that a virtual assistant can help with;

  1. Email Management:

 As a business owner, you will soon realise the amount of time you are spending on sending emails, checking emails, and filtering your inbox might be too much. Hiring a virtual assistant to help you check your emails, organise your inbox, and unsubscribe you from any unwanted email list at least twice a week can save you so much time to focus on other things.

  • Blog Management:

Blogging is another activity that most companies do to further their online marketing campaign and reach a wider audience. An experienced virtual assistant can be of help here too. Let your VA take the reins in your blog management as they can efficiently proofread your blog content, upload content, and generally moderate comments on the blog.

  • Receptionist Duties

Just as physical businesses require receptionists to handle clients’ calls and inquiries, so does online business. A VA can save you that stress and help you focus on other things. It is cost-effective as it saves you the stress of getting and managing physical structures.

  • Personal Errands:

As a business owner with a lot on your plate, it may begin to take a toll on your personal life. A virtual assistant can help book hotel reservations, purchase gifts online, and send flowers to your family, and a lot more. Hence, allowing you to focus on your business and worry less about your personal life.

  • Managing Facebook Pages and Groups:

VAs can help with your social media marketing. Hiring a VA can ensure you’re the success and growth of your brand online and handle your social media campaigns.

  • Event Management:

As a business, you might wish to host a corporate event. The hassle of having to deal with the health and safety needs for an event might not be the best use of time. As a result, it is better to make use of the services of a virtual assistant. At Rhianhopkins.co.uk I am capable of handling the following events;

  • Charity and Community events
  • Award shows
  • Conferences and Exhibitions
  • Product launches and Promotions
  • Wedding, Proms, Receptions and General Parties

  • Calendar Management: 

Scheduling, rescheduling, and keeping track of meetings can be tedious when you have a lot on your plate. Outsourcing your calendar management to a VA can save you the troubles that a messy calendar can bring

  • Planning of Travel Schedule:

Hiring a VA to ensure your flight bookings, rescheduling, researching for best fares, and everything needed for your travels is handled so that there are no glitches in your travel arrangements.

  • File Organization:

Storing up files in your google drive and dropbox tool can get messy over time, leading to a more significant issue when searching for a particular file. A VA can ensure these documents are well organised, unnecessary items are deleted, and streamlined the rest.

  1. Audio and Video Files Transcription

You can hire a VA to handle the transcription of your audio or video files.

Other tasks that a VA can handle, which will cover in our next post include;

  • Event coordination & management
  • Advertising placements, Creative briefs
  • Campaign & Media management
  • Marketing campaigns, Promotions & Press Releases
  • Social Media Management & Strategy
  • Copywriting & Case Studies
  • Health & Safety, Risk Assessments & PL policies
  • Setting Up and Management of Websites
  • Setting Up, Editing,  & Management of Newsletters
  • Creation & Management of Database

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