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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled professional who offers business support services remotely.  By working with a VA you can save valuable time so you can concentrate on your business.  You save money by streamlining your process and procedures and get you some valuable time back.

Do you need a boost in business?
Not enough hours in the day?
Do you want to see business growth?
Do you want to offer quality services or products and have happy clients?
Do you want to have a life?

Then you need to stop trying to do everything yourself.

By juggling so many tasks and roles you are stretched to the limit and this will likely have a negative impact on your business and in your life. So, what do you think is better, to save a few pounds and do everything yourself but not see the results you want? Or hire a VA to relieve your workload so you can focus on doing things well?

Here are a few signs that you should be looking to hire a VA:

You are spending more than 30 minutes everyday scheduling appointments.
You dread doing some of the tasks your business requires.
Your inbox is chaotic and you dread logging in every morning.
You haven’t seen business growth in months.
You aren’t spending enough time with your family.

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these sentences, then it’s time for you to start seriously considering where you can save yourself time. By giving yourself space and time to concentrate on the key aspects of your business you’ll create and increase growth, profit and opportunity.

I’ll understand your business, sort out all your back office stress and give you time to do what you do best and grow your business.

Work smarter, achieve more.

What are the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?

No long term commitment.
No national insurance.
No tax.
No holiday pay.
No pensions.
No pay roll expenses.
No extra accounting, just pay the invoice in, pay it, job done.
No dramas.

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