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How can a Virtual Assistant save you money?

Having a Virtual Assistant isn’t the same as having an employee – we often save you money because we only charge for the work completed.

For an employee, you pay this these things: 

• Desk space/office rental.
• Supply of phones, equipment, subscriptions, line rental, heating, lighting etc.
• Dead time like coffee breaks, waiting for work to come in, internet usage etc.
• National Insurance contributions.
• Running payroll.
• Pensions.

With a Virtual Assistant you don’t have to pay for any of the above.  Here are some ideal tasks you could outsource:

Administrivia: Little details which are essential to running your business.
Specialist skills: Anything you don’t feel confident about doing yourself or take a long time to complete due to lack of skills in that area.
Recurring tasks.
Tasks you procrastinate over.
The tasks you dread but your business still needs to do them.

Give yourself more time to concentrate on the bigger picture of your business and let me take care of the details.

Tasks to outsource:
You can let go of tasks and concentrate on the bigger picture!  Here are some tasks among many more, that I can help you with:

Email management
Competitor activity
Content Writing
Newsletter management
Social Media

So, there you have it, all this can help you Work Smarter, Achieve More

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