Rhian Hopkins

Email Management

Constantly going off the task to check those emails?  Stay focused on the delivery with these email tips.

Check emails twice a day – not all the time every minute of the day.  Stick to a set time limit you spend on them.

Prioritise emails – Respond to urgent emails, action the easy two minutes ones.

Think about what you’re asking for – Put that subject line to good use, remember if you’re asking someone to deliver give a deadline.

Bullet points – Make your email concise and not too long.

Only copy in everyone and their wife if necessary, is ‘reply to all’ really needed?

Use coloured flags to help organise important emails, create filters to categorise importance/action.

Create folders and colour code them  – no need to search through emails.

Create some templates for those jobs that need to be done every day/week, remember to customise and personalise them.

Unsubscribe – stop keep deleting and wasting your time.

Set up out of office with a number for contact if urgent.

Create an emails signature, make sure you put a telephone number on too.

Use Grammarly, it’s free and checks both your spelling and grammar.

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