Rhian Hopkins

Need a problem solver?

Is your company eating all of your time? Are you doing jobs that others can do for you?

Meet Tom

Tom has a start-up business that is growing year on year which is great! Fantastic! Well done Tom this is great stuff.

The more business Tom gets the more precious time he spends on it goes down, in fact, he is now spending more time on admin tasks, managing his social media platforms, taking care of customers, and trying to manage it all… As well as trying (badly) to spend time with his family and enjoying life.

Tom needed a solution, and fast. He could employ a member of staff, but this could prove costly paying wages, taxes, and everything else that goes with it. He needed two of him, not one, someone who understands his business, who he can have to help and support him, a business partner to discuss ideas with, and an all-round good helper.

Tom needs to delegate tasks so that all of his time can be enjoyed once again.

It’s time for Tom to maximise his time and his profits, It’s time to collaborate with me.

I can provide you with full or part-time virtual assistant help, leaving you more time to focus on more important tasks in your business and not to forget YOUR life.

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