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Some of the challenges faced by online marketers are mostly centered on how to draw traffic to their business pages. This is why a lot of them pay for adverts and spend the money they would have invested to expand their businesses on social media influencers who might still not get the right audience needed at the end of the day. So why spend on paid adverts when you can easily do it yourself?

Here are 5 ways to build your business page and engage your audience effectively without a paid promotion.

1) Choose the right platform: the first step is to know the right place to focus all your efforts. If your line of business requires a more mature and professional audience, you need to open a Linkedin account and not snap chat. You can’t be on Twitter when your target audience is mostly on Instagram or be on Tiktok when your target audience is on Facebook.

2) Set your account on public: when you’ve chosen the right platform, make sure your page is public.it is easier to get more views, likes, comments and shares on your posts when it’s opened to all. Keeping the contents to your circle of friends alone is a wrong move because it hinders you from reaching a bigger audience and attracting potential customers or leads.

3) Be active: as an online marketer, you need to know that your page is your virtual office and your presence should always be felt. Make posts and respond to comments on time. Encourage reviews, ask for suggestions and how best to serve them better. Look for trending issues and discuss them on your page. When you run out of content you can still maintain your online media presence by sharing other people’s posts. Your followers will reduce drastically when your page is so dry and boring.

4) Make your page very interesting and interactive: upload quality contents that will encourage healthy debates among your audience. Dwell more on controversial topics which may be in the form of questions, subjects or problems that can create a positive difference in opinion and allow them to bring their own experiences, ideas and perspective to the discourse. Try as much as possible to make the atmosphere as cordial as possible by establishing rules that will guide every discussion on your page to make sure that everyone’s view is respected. Discussions like this shouldn’t be an avenue for somebody to start throwing unnecessary shade on anyone with an opposing view.

5) Keep an eye on your competitors: you are not the first person in that your line of business, many have been on it before you came on board. Those set of people are your competitors, you need to mark them closely and study their modus operandi. Learn from their achievements and mistakes and use them to improve yours. Also, try to find out the platforms where they are more active and know where you can easily meet your target audience.

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