Rhian Hopkins

Power of the hashtag

Hashtag this, hashtag that! What it all about? Hashtags make your brand discoverable!  The hashtag is such a great tool for communicating, increasing engagement and attracting new networks and contacts. Did you know?  A hashtag can be used to hold discussions, communicate ideas, track world events, and keep up our interest in topics and news. … Continue reading Power of the hashtag

Increase productivity & business growth

Not enough hours within the day? Are you scrolling social media for hours with no results to show for it? More and more admin and paperwork stopping you from getting out there and making your business grow? Do you understand where the time goes from day to day, week to week? How are you able to grow your productivity without working ten times… Continue reading Increase productivity & business growth


Need help setting up, planning and running an event? Not sure where to start in this strange new world? I have all the expertise and skills you need to understand what you now need to make an event happen. I am an expert in what it takes to plan, set up and run an event… Continue reading Events

Need a problem solver?

Is your company eating all of your time? Are you doing jobs that others can do for you? Meet Tom Tom has a start-up business that is growing year on year which is great! Fantastic! Well done Tom this is great stuff. The more business Tom gets the more precious time he spends on it… Continue reading Need a problem solver?

Email Management

Constantly going off the task to check those emails?  Stay focused on the delivery with these email tips. Check emails twice a day – not all the time every minute of the day.  Stick to a set time limit you spend on them. Prioritise emails – Respond to urgent emails, action the easy two minutes… Continue reading Email Management


Rhian was recommended to me recently to use her for social media #hashtag research. With her quick and easy approach, I was very impressed with the service. Adding the correct hashtags for my line of business really gave my post a good push to stand out and I have already increased my following and awareness… Continue reading Testimonial

Business Support

Save yourself time so you can concentrate on the bigger picture, your business, resulting in a better work-life balance. Helping you work smarter and achieve more. Not sure what to outsource? Here are a few ideas, could you take a chunk out of your working week by handing over these tasks? Copy/Content WritingPress releases, captivating… Continue reading Business Support

Smash your to-do list

Do you often get to the end of another busy day and still have a to-do list as long as your arm? Have you been distracted in different directions and not ticked much off? Need some help? Check out these great tips to help you smash your to-do list: Action Ask Analyse Axe it Easier… Continue reading Smash your to-do list


I have worked with Rhian over the last 10 years and would highly recommend her. She is a creative, hard-working marketer with excellent organisational skills. She has a wealth of experience to offer anyone’s business as a strong resource.  Penny Williams, Director, Big Plan Group.

Organising Your Digital Life

Do you work with your phone and your laptop simultaneously? Here’s how to make sure our devices don’t become so cluttered that you can’t stay organised and on top of things. Go through your devices and get rid of every app and file that you haven’t used recently, drag them to the trash. Forever forgetting… Continue reading Organising Your Digital Life